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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You know I have to get everything before it hits the streets and the new Robin Thicke album, The Evolution of Robin Thicke is FINALLY hitting the stores on my birthday on October 3rd, but since I got an early birthday gift I must share it with you because it is definitely one of the HOTTEST albums of 2006!

Take a test drive and make sure to head to your neighborhood Target, Wal-Mart or Best Buy and pick it up...and while you're there pick me up a birthday gift too!

Got 2 Be Down Ft. Faith Evans

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I posted this song a while ago and I adore the two of them vocally together. It really reminds me of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. Very soulful song!


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One of my absolute favorites (and it's hard to have just a few) but the this song is definitely often repeated! A great mid-tempo groove that you can't help but bop to. And well what can I say? I'm a "Complicated Melody"

Would That Make U Love Me

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Oh how I feel this song, the melody is great! Another mid-tempo track that makes you want to sing along.

Lost Without U

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One of the most slept on song os the year, a hit this summer but poor promotions kept it a well kept secret in the mass media. It was my offical myspace song for months, until everyone else jumped on it [SMILE]! It is a sexy song with a mellow groove that makes you want to move your hips [chicas only though]!

Ask Myself

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Great drums and a great melody!

All Night Long ft. Lil' Wayne

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Teaming up again with Lil' Wayne, for another hot track. This is definitely an unlikely pair but they work so well on a record.

Wanna Love U Girl Ft. Pharrell

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Hot song during the summer, took too long to come out with the video, but I've been on it from day one and we all know that scientist say that I am the second sunshine so...LOL Anyhow, hot song...we all know!

Teach U a Lesson

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This song was on the pre-release leaked earlier this year, but I dig it so much! His songs are so out of the box...and well if he was my teacher I'd be late on purpose so e could keep me after school!

I Need Love

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Add this song to your "Baby Making Mix"...pure R&B love music...I love it! You can really hear his range in this song.

Everything I Can't Have

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Okay, I think he really has a knack for knowing how to make you move your hips, and this song makes you move your hips, legs, and arms. A hot latin beat and a catchy chorus!

Can U Believe

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A not-so-typical pop ballad for you! I love the end of the song..."If nobody's watching, You will never know" and I am a sucker for a guitar!

Shooter Ft. Lil Wayne

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Originally on Robin's first album, A Beautiful World, Shooter was inspired by his experience of a bank robbery. Lil' Wayne heard the song and wanted to remix it and it became a hit! On Lil' Wayne's The Carter II, it one of my favorite lyrical performances by him. I definitely blast this one in the car!


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Another favorite that leaked earlier. Great uptempo track!

2 The Sky

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The music and instruments on this track are incredible! A mix of blues and jazz it is defitinely in a tie for my favorite (with Angels) but it such a deep song. You can't help but feel it!

Lonely World

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Another strong ballad, definitely a mood-setter.


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This is the other absolute favorite song on the album. Could be a great wedding song. I adore the lyrics and the vocal is wonderful!

This is by far one the most anticpated albums by his legion of fans! I am included in that legion as well...I love this album front to end! I have some others that didn't make it on the ablum to be released that I will share. He is definitely a musical force to be reckoned with and I so happy that he is finally getting released after over a year of waiting!

Enjoy it!