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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Amanda | Anchal

Brooke | CariDee

Eugena | Jaeda

Melrose | Michelle

I didn't post last weeks because I thought it was a really crappy concept and the pictures seems like bad Halloween costumes...these are border line as well, but they have some beauty in them.

I don't know what the producers and Tyra thought when they came up with these photoshoot themes, but they are really cheesy! I feel bad for these girls having to be so close to Fabio...totally oogey!

Nonetheless, Anchal was gorgeous as the Egyptian Lover. I also felt bad for Brooke having to go home on her graduation but I also thought Tyra was a little too nippy to call her out reminding her that many people would love to be there [which I agree with] but damn, you sent the girl home on her high school graduation, and she'll never get that day back...