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Thursday, February 15, 2007
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did a round of interviews yesterday and of course it had to be ask...what the hell is going on with the Rodney Hill assault accusations? To which she responded"

"To my understanding it is absolutely false. Tons of people were in VIP and they said that this is completely false. My only thought on it is the only reason she's saying this is so that she can bring a lawsuit. It seems like something that's money driven because if he had touched a woman that is 4'11 and 100lbs in Atlanta, Georgia in a public place amongst so many different types of people. I mean from all different walks of life

We entered the party between 11:45 and midnight. I don't know what time she claims that this took place. I was away at the rest room. When I returned the woman was being thrown out of the club. Her and her friend that she was with.

When we exited the club, the police approached us with her story. It was so far fetched that I didn't really give it that much attention. But I see that it has basically grown because she created some kind of a Myspace page. I did see the pictures myself. I saw it. It looks horrible but it appears to me that whatever took place was way more extreme than an altercation that could have happened in the VIP station in a crowded club.

It appears that she has been assaulted to the extreme. And we believe that that's something she did. And the police here in Atlanta said that they don't believe it. And they don't feel like it's something that I should give a whole lot of attention to. But because of her blasting it. I guess through an email blasts and different things she done to allow people to hear her story, they have forced me to respond. It will be dealt with through my lawyers and the right people to be handling that. I think she's looking for money. That's what this all boils done to in my opinion."

The woman mentioned that at one point you got involved and said something to the effect of "I got the piece in my Louie." And I believe the Louie she was referring to is your Louis Vuitton bag.

"That's silly. That sounds silly to me. I have to be honest and say that the reference to the purse or gun all sounds very, very childish. It doesn't sound like anything I would say. And at the point the police were there. So I don't think they would have let me say that."


She also addresses her weight, Brandy, C-Murder and her engagement.