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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Slowly but surely Beyonce's Re-Release of B'Day is leaking...

Here are two new songs that have been added to the CD/DVD Combo

Still in Love (Kissing You)

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This is a remake of Kissing You by Desiree , from the Romeo + Juliet Soundtrack, that I LOVE! I guess because I love the song soooo much in its original form it threw me off to hear Beyonce sing it and change the arrangement because it is a highly stylized song. Plus the new arrangement seems to use a keyboard versus piano, and no real strings, so the tone is different...None the less, her voice is GREAT, it's definitely back to the softer sound of Beyonce that we know well.

As a reminder check out the original version...

Flaws and All

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This is a great song, I think these two song give the album a better well-rounded collection of songs. I've said before that B'Day was rushed...but I am glad she went back to re-work it and re-release it! Though she would never admit it, these are the songs that were missing from the original release and definitely remind us that her voice is incomparable to others.

And finally, here's a look at the video for Kitty Kat...