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Friday, March 16, 2007
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So this is how the story goes for me, one night my boyfriend calls and says turn it to VH1 Soul and write her name down...So I flip to it and catch the ending of this cool song... So I get into and so I scribble the name Amy Winehouse | Back to Black

Well about a week later he's over and says where's that name of the chick from the video, and I find my scribble scratch and try to make out what we now now know is Amy Winehouse and start looking for her music...

So the first thing I find is "Rehab," and immediately recognize it from this Britney Spears Cover:

After listening to a few other tracks I was hooked, an immediate fan and have been playing her Back to Black album non-stop!

Here is the title track, Back to Black

and my other fave, Rehab


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