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In response to the self-convincing statements of Kim Porter in Essence, Jennifer refuses to respond in depth telling the New York Post,

"I am not going to go there.

"Look, she knows what went on, I know what went on. And that is where we have to leave it. I am not going to discuss any of the details of that intimate relationship that I had with the public. It's just not that necessary."

In case you missed it, Kim Porter in Essence Magazine:

Porter blasted Combs' relationship with Lopez, declaring, "He fell for a booty and a smile" and admitted she used to tell the rapper he would return to her when he left "his little Puerto Rican girlfriend".

Porter admitted she was in contact with Combs every day of his relationship with Lopez and forbid him from letting their son Christian associate with the Latino beauty.

Porter said, "Does she look like the type that would want to play house and family with two little black kids? No."

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