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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

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First, I ran across a show called Famous People on TV One [they are so random with shows] about Taj George, ex-SWV member. She and her husband have a new show, called I Married a Baller about her and her hubby ex-NFLer Eddie George and this was a little introduction to their family.

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Well the show, Famous People, is a must see, because it follows Taj as she reunites with Coko and LeLee of SWV for a old school concert. Well I was shocked when I saw LeLee, who was actin' a damn fool! She said anything and everything, even how she stared at other women and fantasized about their cup size...

And low and behold today...I see this @ Rhymes With Snitch:

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LeLee is in the new issue of Sister 2 Sister, with her "tell-all" story of betrayal from the music industry and how she trolled gay bars for places to sleep. Broke. Homeless. The typical story!

Go to Rhymes with Snitch for some interesting commentary from others on LeLee and her story...

Oh and Coko, as far as I know is still on the Gospel side...