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...and only shakes it for the Lord now!

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Deena Alleyne says she is sorry for her raunchy dancing with Senegal-born US artiste Akon at the Zen nightclub on Thursday.

"This whole hip hop thing is a guise and I don't want any part of it, I don't want to be any part of it," said Alleyne during an interview at Chaguanas yesterday.

"Look at what I have to go through with one mistake that I made. My dad warned me every time and I didn't listen. I am sorry. Every time he warned me. Everyday my dad would say 'it is not for you, it is not for you, you do not have to go this way', but I refused to listen. I don't want any part of it, not only Zen, everything. The whole hip hop thing, music and clubbing, I don't want to be part of it."

"I thought it was going to be normal," Alleyne said. "I got carried away, I started to dance as well but I never thought it was going to be like that. I was shocked, my head was hitting the floor. I got carried away in the spotlight, and with the crowd cheering. Everything was so fast, it was so quick."