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Sunday, April 22, 2007

...the same ones that DMX is battling!

Spotted @ Bossip

To help you understand why Bizzy is the way he is...homie has been through some ish! Like being kidnapped at 4...remember the made-for-TV movie "Adam"? He was Adam!

Bizzy Bone was abducted by the biological father of one of his sisters in the early '80s.

Bizzy and his sisters were lied to for more than a year by their kidnapper and were led to believe that their mother was dead. Meanwhile, their mother was very much alive and working with "America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh to search for her children. A picture of Bizzy, who was on a reservation in Oklahoma, was shown at the end of the 1983 TV movie "Adam" and led to his return.

"I was gone from 4 years old to 5 years old," said Bizzy, now 25. "A neighbor who used to baby-sit me for the fella who abducted my sisters and I saw the show. My name was changed, I had hair all over my face. And that's how we were found.

Bizzy was later returned to his mother's custody, but not unscathed.

"We were getting chased by the FBI and police. I remember hiding in vans and hiding under clothes. It was made to be a game, but it wasn't a f---ing game. To this day, I still find myself looking around the corner when the police come."