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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
In a rare interview, Pootie from "I Love New York," says he wasn't even attracted to New York [shocking right?!]...and that his doesn't need counseling, thank you very much Vh1!

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I asked you earlier what you brought to 'I Love New York'. Now I need to know what brought you to 'I Love New York'.
I didn't audition for 'I Love New York'.

You heard me. I auditioned for FOX UPN's 'The Player'. They called me to ask if they could pass my audition tape to VH-1. VH-1 was casting for a new dating show. I said sure. VH-1 starting calling me for 'The Flavorette'. And I was told it was Hoopz who we were competing for.

D@mn! ( And he ain't the only one folks!) Did you find New York attractive?

I didn't find her attractive. Hoopz is more my speed. It was an opportunity to be on a show.