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Friday, April 13, 2007
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Terror Squad/Universal Record has officially released out favorite H.A.M.-alicious MC, Remy Ma. After the flop of her album, There's Something About Remy, Remy asked to be released but after long bitter negotiations, she was finally released as of Monday.

On why:
"I felt that I had out grown them I had been dealing with Joe and Steve since I was 18 years old," Remy Ma told "We no longer had the same goals. They're used to me being 'little' Remy who wanted all the fly sneakers, a nice whip and the biggest chain you ever saw on a girl."

"After 'Whuteva', 'Conceited' and 'Feels So Good,' I should've been outta here," Remy Ma said. "To me they just didn't have the same drive anymore. They're getting older and they're comfortable. Me on the other hand, I'm just maturing and I'm hungry and I'm in beast mode.I want so much,and I refuse to lose or settle. I paid my dues now it's Remy time."

What's next?:
"I'm sitting in meetings all day, everyday politicking my own label, with me being my first artist," Remy Ma revealed. "I have so many other projects involving films, TV and endorsements, but most important is my album."


In other "dropped" rumors...word is Shawna was dropped from DTP!? Hmm...IllSeed from AllHipHop is saying:

OH YEA... The rumors are flying left and right that Shawnna has been dropped by DTP and Ludacris. I don't know for certain, but it is what it is. Maybe she should reconsider getting back with Remy Ma and the girls. Now, very recently Shawnna said the following:

"Luda called a playa on the phone told me he want to get right, he want to act right. So, I can only play my cards where my cards need to be played. Ya'll look out for the Shawnna/Ludacris album this summer - we working on it right now. We finna lock this summer down. I'ma make [him] grow his hair back...Watch what I do with [Luda]."