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T.I. ft. Wyclef Jean - You Know What It Is

This is a fresh track from the upcoming album, T.I. vs. TIP coming this June...this is definitely heat!

Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing [Radio Rip]

This is first taste of Kanye's third Def Jam album, Graduation...The fourth will be "The Masters Degree"? The album's title track will feature Coldplay's Chris Martin. While not working on his own album, he's been laying beats for Lil' Wayne's next record...maybe one of those tracks will end up on Kanye's album as well, which he plans to release this September.

Cassie ft. Ryan Leslie - Sometimes

Cassie dropped off a new song on her MySpace...she also says she's working on the sophomore album, though this may not make the's definitely not all that grand, it has that classic R-Les synthesized production. Oh and post-note to Ryan, less rapping, more producing...

Amerie - All Roads

This is a track from her upcoming album, Because I Love It, and the good news is I love the song, the bad news is I don't lke her singing it. It's way too big for her voice and it sounds like she's straining the whole chorus. Nonetheless, it's a stretch from her normal house sound so I'll give credit for trying...her album will be released in the US this summer, but if you look hard enough you can find the import *wink*

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