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Just as so many have been predicting, Usher has parted ways with his Mom/Manager, Jonetta Patton...There has reportedly been a rift between the two after he hooked up with former stylist and recently divorced, Tameka Foster...

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"She and I are on great terms and support each other in our life's endeavors. We are both very happy but are now working in different areas of the business," he said in a statement to The Associated Press. "This is great for me because it means I now get to have my mother strictly as my mother with no added pressure."
In other words, I don't want her to be in charge anymore...
"At this time in my life, I am simply more interested in building the strength of my family. And in order to do that, I feel it's best to separate my business life from my personal life," he said.
In other words, Mother Patton wanted to control his personal life as well as professional...and she don't like Tameka!

As for Tameka being his manager,
"She has no aspirations of becoming my manager or any other artist's manager."

Well Happy Mother's Day to you Mother Patton...