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What's really going on with Diddy & Laurie Ann Gibson, I thought they were totally BFFs! However New York Daily News is reporting that Laurie Ann filed a complaint with NYPD, alleging that Diddy tried to assult her with a chair while New Edition's Michael Biven had to intervene and hold her back from being hit with it...and it was all caught on MTV cameras...

In the complaint filed with Manhattan cops May 11, Gibson said she got into a heated argument with Diddy and celebrity judge Michael Bivins during the April 25 filming of the MTV show at a branch of New York Sports Clubs in Greenwich Village.

Gibson said the two men started yelling and cursing at her when she told them the dancers had been given only a day to practice in order to see what they would do in a crunch.

Bivins then allegedly grabbed her while Diddy picked up a chair and threatened her. She said she broke free, tried to run and Bivins allegedly grabbed her once again. Then she left, the complaint stated.

Sources said Diddy fired her during the angry exchange - and at one point yelled for the MTV cameras to be shut off.

"She is the inspiration for the contestants, and she has worked with Sean Combs for more than 10 years. That's why this was so unexpected," Gibson's lawyer Peter Toumbekis said.

Toumbekis said the dancer's contract is with MTV and Combs does not have the power to fire her. Toumbekis also said the NYPD was still tying to get copies of the footage that MTV shot during the dispute.

In memory of Laurie Ann and all her great words of wisdom! She will be missed...LOL!

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