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Friday, May 18, 2007
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usJ. Alexander make America's Next Top Model so entertaining and worth while...he holds back nothing and can give Naomi Campbell a run for her money on the catwalk!

He recently chatted with BlackVoices and dished about ANTM, his life, and being fabulous!

On the winner, Jaslene:
"I've always said that she reminds of Janice Dickinson and she's a firecracker. I think she's amazing. She is a go-getter. She was raised by drag-queens so she knows her s&#%."

On having the full package as a model:
I mean if I see every beat up, broken down b#$%& on the street with high cheekbones and say you can be a model, that is not it. I've seen broke down girls, busted, broke down, tall, skinny and think they can be a model. No, you can't."

On being called Miss J:
"Well my mother always hated people calling me that, but I mean hey. I meet people in the street and they aren't very comfortable with calling me that, especially for heteros ... it's just a name that was given to me because Robin was getting confused with Jay Manuel and me. Of course I walk around in panties and high heels so of course she's going to call me Miss Jay by accident."