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After a ill-worded slip up in Essence Magazine, it's been confirmed by PEOPLE that Usher and his fiance Tameka "Liar Liar" Foster are expecting...We all knew it, so it's no surprise. It just makes us all shudder at the thought! Ughh...Usher should have listen to Mother Patton! The baby is do in the fall, which means she must be at least mid-pregnancy...With his next album due around the same time, does anyone else smell publicity stunt?!
"We are extremely excited at this point in our lives planning our wedding and the joy that comes with expecting our first child together," the couple said in a statement released to the Associated Press Wednesday.

"We hope people will be happy for us and respect our privacy during this happy period in our lives."

This is Tameka's 4 child and is still most likely her ex-husband's child...Usher is quickly becoming a train wreck a la Britney Spears...

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