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Monday, July 23, 2007

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The "gotcha, gotcha" moment came on Making the Band 4...The clashing of Diddy and Laurie Ann Gibson during the elimination was one hell of a dramatic moment! I want to see the uncut footage...IMO, Diddy didn't get what he ask for. Laurie Ann overreacted and was feeling herself a lil' extra. I think Diddy saw that Laurie Ann was trying to get more shine. However you can't hate that, because you gotta make the most of your 15 minutes and she definitely made MTB a hit...Was it Laurie Ann's fault the producers called her in for one day? So no more "Boom Kack Kack!?" That sucks...

In Memory of the Boom Kack...for now!

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Oh and the REAL "Gotcha, Gotcha" Laurie Ann's contract is with MTV, not Diddy...hence he technically can't fire her...

Discuss!! What did you think?

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