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Monday, July 30, 2007

[View of LA Reid's home via Splash News]

Okay, so we all know the wedding is off due to difference in wedding ideas, Tameka's criminal past, the fact that Usher is not the father of the baby, Usher's disapproving family, or that it was all a publicity stunt...take your pick! Either way, that sham of a wedding wasn't going down and the Ushmeka soap opera continues! To make things even more interesting and laughable honestly, Tameka sent Atlanta-based photog/blogger, Sandra Rose the following email a few weeks ago:
Sandra Darling,

I love that you have given me so much coverage lately on your little website. It does my heart good with so popularity. You keeping me in the spotlight is exactly what I want and I would like to personally thank you and give kudos. Also, the wedding invitations will soon be in the mail, but unfortunately you will not be attending nor photographing it. Tah, Tah.

Thanks Doll,
Mrs. Tameka Foster-Raymond [Oops, not so much]

PS: U**** sends his love

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Riiighht! Sounds like karma is bitch ain't it...and riddle me this! If they rushed the wedding to hide a baby bump [according to one source] then she can't be due this fall. That would place her between 4 and 6 months, which means that bump would be already quite visible! This is not adding up at all...

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