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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
I mean, rhat nah!! She has Gloria Allred on the case and in pure media whore-like fashion she held a press conference to announce that...well Eddie ain't paying child support and it's already been 4 whole long months [smell the sarcasm...]!

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Allred said she's filed a paternity suit against Murphy to legally establish that he is the father of their nearly 4-month-old daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown. "We've had communication with his attorney, and now we're moving forward," she said, adding that the papers are sealed because they concern a child.

"Murphy was promising to do the right thing, but to date he has not done the right thing," said Allred. "Mr. Murphy can have all the babies he chooses to have, but his responsibility needs to be to his own children. [Brown] is seeking sole physical and legal custody."

"He bought a big diamond ring for his new fianceé," added Allred, referring to Murphy's recent engagement to girlfriend Tracey Edmonds. "It is nice to be generous to others, but what about his own baby?" [SOURCE]