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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ushmeka called to the paps to catch them leaving the Mandarin Hotel in NYC. With all the money Ursh has, he sure could have found a more lowkey hotel to stay at, for one, and second, to say they are people who canceled their wedding due to a pre-term labor scare, they most likely wouldn't be traipsing out of the hotel big cheesing like Kool-Aid. I am sure there would have been a back entrance that would allow them to leave in an incognito fashion...but media whores like the attention. Usher and Tameka so need to get off the Boo Boo!

According the the NY Daily News:
"Tameka is using a publicist and is trying to smooth this whole thing over in her favor," a friend told The News' Jo Piazza.

Says another source in the anti-Foster faction: "Usher wouldn't speak to Foster — and that's when she told him there were problems with the baby. She just wanted to get him to talk to her again."

The couple flew back to New York together this week.

"She made sure those magazines got their photo op with her and Usher after they left the Mandarin Oriental" yesterday, said the source.

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