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Entertainment columnist Janet Charlton is reporting a laundry list of bad behavior from Stephen Belafonte, the man who married Melanie Brown in a secret wedding ceremony last June.

According to Charlton, the couple’s marriage certificate contains the name Stephen Belafonte, but his real last name is reportedly Stansbury. In the past he has tried to pass himself off as Dionne Warwick's nephew and Harry Belafonte's son, Charlton writes.

He has criminal records in New Jersey, San Diego and Los Angeles, according to the column. The L.A. infractions include assault with a deadly weapon in Beverly Hills and vandalism and assault on a roommate in Hollywood.

Charlton also suggests that there is more than one assault and battery charge against Belafonte than the one involving Nicole Contreras, the mother of his 3-year-old daughter, Giselle. [SOURCE]