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Thursday, August 23, 2007
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Tyra's move to NYC isn't the only change, in addition to a new man in her life, she's cut manager Benny Medina...But it may not be as amicable as put out!
Banks and Medina tried to stamp a happy face on their breakup when we called to confirm that his Handprint Entertainment will no longer be overseeing her career. In a joint statement, Medina said, "Tyra Banks is a highly regarded artist, entrepreneur and producer, and I respect her vision for developing her own bankable brand." The statement added, "Tyra and Handprint Entertainment look forward to the opportunity to work together on existing or new ventures. ‘This is a great thing for everyone involved,' Medina says."

Several sources contended Banks cut Medina loose.

According to one exec at TelePictures, which syndicates her talk show, she had complained about his suggestions and demands.

"His perk list is bigger than hers," said the source. "Everything from private jets and votive candles that the staff has to light before he gets to the set. He forgot who the star was." [SOURCE]