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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
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Check out the second single from Friend to the Blog, songwriter turned artist The-Dream, it's called "Fasletto." It has a Prince laced with a little R. Kelly type feel to the song that will once again get you hooked. Similar to J. Holiday's hit "Bed" [which he wrote], children will definite made to this song, so get your prophylactic game up! His upcoming album, LOVE HATE, due out this October is set to bring even more scorchers to the game...Talking about what we can expect, The-Dream says:
“It’s more of what I’m giving other people. It’s like the 80s, its musical. I’m doing the ‘Umbrella’ routine to this whole album. All of my records are singles. The album is really visual as well, it appeals to all your senses, similar to ‘Thriller’.”