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Last night when a read an "article" that Yung Joc was in brawl in London were his infamous "H" chain was snatch, I knew something was off. It went on to say that T-Pain jumped in to try to "save the chain" LOL!'s not true, he simply gave it to his manager to hold because he could tell it might be going dooownnn!:
The Atlanta native said he and Pain did indeed have to defend themselves in London — they were in town to perform at the MOBO Awards — but they came out unharmed and with all their belongings intact. The commotion happened shortly after midnight, when Joc was bringing in his birthday at U.K. club Crystal Club on Thursday.
But it does gets interesting, because T-Pain was trying to holla at a random chick when some dude flipped on T-Pain and started a fight!
"It was my birthday, so we was poppin' bottles," he continued. "We was bottle-poppin' major. Pain was talking to this chick and this big football-player-looking dude came up. He was big as hell. ... The dude grabbed her arm and she was like, 'I'm not leaving,' and [moves] away from the dude. ... The next thing you know, the dude started talking sh-- to Pain. The dude poured his wine out and ... I looked back at my security [guard], gave him my chain. He put it in my case and handed it to Rico. The dude hit T-Pain's partner in the head with a glass in his hand." [SOURCE]