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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lil 'Kim and Mary J. Blige at Biggie's funeral | The SUV Biggie was riding in

Just typing the title of this post made me think about how sad it is that B.I.G. [as well as Tupac] died over such ignorance. The climate of violence from music at that time still baffles me...

At any rate, a current inmate is now saying that he lied about Biggie's murder when he implicated L.A. police and about the officer's involvement.
Waymond Anderson, a former R&B artist now serving a life sentence for murder in a separate case, said in an Aug. 20 deposition that he lied as part of a scam to win a monetary settlement from the city.

Anderson's deposition, first reported Wednesday in the Los Angeles Times, states that he was offered a portion of any settlement if he testified that former police Officer Rafael Perez told him that another ex-police officer, David Mack, was involved.

Both Mack and Perez have long denied any involvement in the March 9, 1997, murder of the New York rapper, also known as Biggie Smalls.

"I don't know David Mack, I don't know Rafael Perez," Anderson said in the deposition. "It was a lie, and I'm ashamed of it." [READ MORE]