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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

KeKe Wyatt, who has been showing up to events here and there sans a few paounds, is making her come back to the music industry after six years and a very public charge [not a case, she notes] for stabbing her husband with a fork. KeKe does not hold back in this very candid interview talking about her mother's repeated use of "n*gga," her Blackness, and the incident that made headlines! I was surprised to learn that she is only 25 years old! Here are some quotes from the interview:

Do you think that your success is largely based on your collaborations with Avant?
K.W.: Well, like I said, my first album sold more than half a million copies, so people were listening to more than just “My First Love,” which wasn’t even on my album. Sometimes I regret starting off my career with someone else, but at the same time, things happen for a reason. My time is coming and I love Avant and I’ll never change the way I feel about our musical chemistry, but sometimes it gets annoying to be “the girl who sang with Avant.” But I’m good because this new album is going to tell everyone who the hell Keke Wyatt is. Are you and your husband still together?
K.W.: I’m with Jesus—that’s my man. Did she ever talk to you about the N-word?
K.W.: My mom was raised around African-American people all her life. She can cornrow and everything. All she knows is the African-American way of living, because her stepfather was Black and she was raised by his family. She will use the N-word like it’s going out of style. I say, “Mama you can’t just go around using the N-word,” and she’s like, “I don’t give a damn. I say what I want to say. N---a ain’t no color, it’s an ignorant person.”

KeKe has a new single, "Ghetto Rose" which is from her upcoming release of the same name on October 23rd. I actually really like the song. It reminds me of the R&B of the early 2000s from Kelly Price and Jaguar Wright. You can check out her Office Website @