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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rarely do I review albums because one, I'm just that lazy and two, I rarely love an entire album enough to listen to like that...but this here Back of my 'Lac by R&B newbie J. Holiday is very much worth my time! Have you noticed the numerous posts about this cat? Yeah, I am definitely feeling the young man.

His debut album is a collection of R&B goodness that touches the ladies and the fellas, which is not always an easy feat for singers. From the personal title track, "Back of my Lac" to the sexy "Suffocate," he easily blends realness with smoothness. Keeping it fresh with odes the mary jane in "Laa Laa" [Platinum Brothers] and the streets with "Ghetto." The only criticism I have is that some of the lyrics are a bit simple and uncreative, like with "Pimp in Me" which I love the song, especially the chorus, he kills me with "Body like a call girl/Mind of a teacher." However he more than makes up for it with songs like "Fatal" [Underdogs] that has be swooning...And don't be surprised to hear a MF-er or N*gga mixed in there, this is not for your Chris Brown crowd!

What makes him different from other crooners that claim to be bringing back R&B? Well, homie can sing. I mean her can really sing and not that over the top lead in the AME choir sanging, I mean he can simply and effortlessly sing. The only complaint is that he only has 14 songs on the album [which is good, most album are skimpy as hell with 10 tracks], and he so many left over songs from the previous version that wasn't released, like the cover of Average White band's "A Love of Your Own." If you had a chance to listen to the Chocolate City Mixtape, you know that he has a talent to sing any song about anything and make it sound hot!

So just to wet your appetite, check out some of the tracks from the album...


[Prod. by Tricky Stewart/Written by The Dream]


Pimp In Me

Make sure to get your copy of Back of my Lac October 2nd!

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