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Monday, October 15, 2007

Scan via UrbanScanz

Ashanti covers the October issue of King Magazine and has a full spread to accompany...Here's a snippet of the interview where she speaks on Irv Gotti:
K- When we talked to Irv Gotti, he said you were doing your own thing and that you felt you’d outgrown The Inc. Is that accurate?

A- Uh, how do I address this? I feel like, creatively, I wanted to try some new stuff, just to see, because there was a lot of stuff going on. Now, I wasn’t on trial, so obviously Irv’s focus and my focus were a little bit different.

K- But just because you weren’t at the trial everyday doesn’t mean you weren’t riding for the team.

A- Exactly, and I was filming, so it was hard. People underestimate the word business. Loving someone and being creative and passionate, that’s all easy. It’s hard when it turns into business.

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