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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Check out the video from the 2007 BET Hip Hop Awards...Kudos to BET for a pretty well produced show. You know they are notorious for technical difficulties!

Lil' Wayne: Gossip

...probably my fave of the night! Weezy did kill that song.

More videos after the jump from Kanye, Nelly, Hurricane Chris and Boosie, and Common!

Kanye West: Opening with Can't Tell Me Nothing & Good Life

Nelly: Wadsyaname & Go Lil' Mama

Wadsyaname is a not working for, the Apple Bottom drill team was kinda cute though. The young one was GETTING IT! However the Ashanti look-a-like chick in the first song was a hot mess with that weave ponytail.

Hurricane Chris & Lil' Boosie, Foxx, and Webbie

...Baby 3 is my dude! I hope he knows his alphabet and numbers! Wipe him down

Common: Drivin' Me Crazy

...yay for Common getting some recognition, he is a true lyricist!

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