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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
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The-Dream, who describes his sounds as "electronic R&B," is looking forward to sharing his sound on December 11th. He recently debuted tracks from his Def Jam debut LOVE HATE at Room Service in NYC, hosted by radio personality Angie Martinez. The roar of applause that shook the building after each song was played makes the Album a certified HIT!!!

Check out an other exclusive track called "I Luv Your Girl," not to be confused with "She Needs My Love." This one has a slower groove but still has the knock to make you sway your hips. My boy is a conceptual thinker that can do more in one song than some can't do in a whole album...Read our exclusive interview here!

The-Dream: I Luv Your Girl

See the official tracklisting after the jump...

Here is the Official Tracklisting:

1. Shawty Is A Ten

2. I Luv Your Girl

3. Fast Car

4. She Needs My Love

5. Falsetto

6. Playin' In Her Hair

7. Purple Kisses

8. Ditch That

9. Nikki

10. Luv Songs

11. Livin' A Lie

12. Mama