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Thursday, November 29, 2007
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He did get busted for that marijuana but Birdman Baby, or Baby Birdman, hell I'm about to start calling him BabyBird, says that 18 year old chick is not his wifey...That's not the only thing he wants to clear up. He tells MTV News that there wasn't a pound in the trash and there were no gun charges because he and his security are licensed to carry guns.
"We was on the bus. I was asleep in the back," he said. "Why they pulled us over, I don't know. The people are making the situation out worse than what it is. We got arrested for a misdemeanor amount of [marijuana] — we didn't have no pound. The police just found something minor in a garbage can the dog sniffed. We all got out on bond."

"I'm not married," he insisted. "Never! Been! Married! Plus, that girl was 18! I don't get down like that! Plus, if I was married, why would I keep it a secret?" However, he did allow that perhaps the right woman could make an honest man out of him one day.
So who was the random chick on the bus? BabyBird says she's a friend of one the other 15 people on the bus that was arrested. So there goes your Chester Molester rumors...