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Monday, December 03, 2007

Mary J Blige covers the newest issue of Billboard Magazine, looking extra fresh. I need those shoes in my life!

In the issue she talks about the new album, her past struggles, and the new single "Just Fine." Check out what she has to say about working with Tricky Stewart, The-Dream, and Jazzy Pha on the hot song:
"It wasn't presented to me as a complete song initially," Blige recalls. "They began to play this keyboard part and then the drums. Then they explained to me, 'We know what you're used to, but you'll be a part of a whole other party if you go with this record that we're about to make.' I went back to my room and when I came back the next day, they had the whole song.

"When I heard the beat, I was like, 'OK, this is hot. This is making my body move, and I'm having fun,'" she continued. "It sounded like something that needed to be more uplifting than, 'Woe is me.' (laughs) So I tried to make the song about how I appreciate the good days I do have and where I'm at right now, even though I still have challenges."
Read the full interview on newsstands Dec. 8th...