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Sunday, December 02, 2007
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So word on the curb is that, after spending some QT in the N.O., Lil Wayne and Lauren London [aka ATL's New New] are the newest celeb couple, some say they are even engaged.

Hmmm... She was all smiles at the Bayou Classic as well and rumored to have spent Thanksgiving with Lil Wayne and his family. I know dudes out there are cringing at the thought of Lauren being taken...

But an engagement for Weezy? Well he did talk marriage with Complex Magazine:
C: Do you think you will ever settle down with one woman?
LIL WAYNE: I think they don't commit to a nigga, they committed to a myth. I'll be on the road two weeks straight, the whole time I'm telling them, "oh I'm coming home, oh I love you blah, blah, blah" soon as I get there, I done pulled in about seven that evening, at 10 I'm going straight to the studio. Ain't no woman want to get into that. I got marriage in the future, though. I just don't talk too much about it, because I ain't sure yet, that's the example of saying I'm engaged and nothing happened and I ain't do that, but marriage in the future, hopefully. You know the person when you just ain't ask it yet, [laughs] I ain't ask her yet but...

C: Does she know who she is?
LIL WAYNE: Mmm-hmm. I was thinking hard, the [BET] Awards are tomorrow, so I had the ring-I don't have it with me, I was trying to get it for tomorrow, but it's a problem, fuck y'all up.

C: You were going to propose on stage?
LIL WAYNE: I was going to hopefully win the award, I was going to do it like this: if I had that ring I'm not going to do it on the reg, I'm only going to do it if I win the award. If I win the award then I'm supposed to get married, but no I didn't get the ring from them so I'm not going to do it. She'll be there tomorrow, though.

C: What scares you?
LIL WAYNE: Never having a wife, a not-leaving wife.
But ya'll know he was high as hell during that interview... Read more of the uncut ramblings at

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