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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kim Porter's son with Al B. Sure, Quincy Brown, had a Super Sweet 16 party that was clearly the production of his step daddy [I use the term loosely], Diddy. Al's mini-me, held a lavish party went down at the Velvet Room in Atlanta. Performances from Bow Wow, Crime Mob, and Hurricane Chris with well wished from Chris Brown, J.D., and Rev Run among others...A couple of trapeze artists, too.

So how does Al B. Sure feel about Quincy stuntin' like his step daddy, and not his real daddy? Well, word on the curb is that Al wasn't planning on attending and that he wasn't pleased with the showboating that he can't provide. Hmm, maybe we'll see some drama the show, because you if Diddy bankrolled this party, it will be on MTV...

More party flicks after the jump...

What could these two be talking about!?

Diddy gave him a 1964 Lincoln Continental and a new Range Rover...nice!