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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Two of the entertainment industry's hottest couples are both still married... I love how Russell and Kimora Simmons date other people and skip the whole formality of getting divorced. I am sure that it would be a financial nightmare for the pair to divide the business legally.

Apparently Djimon and Porschla have no quorums about it...If they like it, I love it!

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Kimora Lee and Djimon Hounsou are featured as Harper Bazaar's Couple of the Moment and discuss their love affair.
"He's a reality check for me, and I'm a fabulosity check for him"
Read all about how they met, his relationship with the girls, and more here.

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Meanwhile Russell gushed about his new PYT, yoga instructor Porschla Coleman and how their little love affair has been in Speed Racer mode to Ebony Magazine...
"We started dating immediately, and pretty much moved in together right after that. It happened very quickly."
Whatever floats their boat!

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