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Friday, January 25, 2008
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...but we already knew that! Now it's official and Back of My Lac has been certified Gold [over 500,00 albums sold] by the RIAA.

The newly-certified album will be re-released on February 5, 2008 in a deluxe edition with three new songs, all three J. Holiday videos, and special behind-the-scenes material. In yet another recognition of his breakthrough year, J. Holiday is nominated as "Outstanding New Artist" in the 39th NAACP Image Awards, which airs on February 14th, on Fox.

Continue reading for the full track listing and his MySpace message to fans!

1. Back Of My Lac
2. Ghetto
3. Thug Commandments
4. Bed
5. Betcha Never Had
6. Good For Each Other
7. Come Here
8. Be With Me
9. Suffocate
10. Fatal
11. With Out You
12. Pimp In Me
13. Thank You
14. Fallin'
15. Soon As
16. I Know Love
17. When You Get Home

MySpace Bulletin [In Case You Missed It]
What's poppin space. I know it's been a long while since i've done this but i havent forgotten about ya'll. I'm still here. Man I been so busy thanks to all my fans, friends, and family. I really thank all of you for supporting me. It's been a long road and it's been hard but finally folks see that i'm not goin nowhere. my album has been doin real good. And i owe all of that to all of my supporters. i hope that the album is everything everyone expected. As you all know i just got off the double up tour with Kells and KC. Big shots to both of them. And despite what the media tries to make you think i had no problems on the tour. So dont believe the hype. We had a ball. if you missed the tour dont worry about it cuz i am definately putting my own together at this very second. And you'd be shocked to see who will be out on the road with me. Some real special guest so get ready for it! But life for me has been good. At this very second im writing this from Tokyo Japan. My first time here and i love it! they love our music over here. It's about 730am here right now........ crazy i know. I hope whoever has a dream you follow it and dont give up until you reach that goal. because i never thought i'd be in Japan but im here and its a good feeling to know that everyone around the world feels the same about my music. Big shout out to MTV JAPAN too they showed me so much love here. My trip here is almost complete so now i have yet another story to tell my daughter. But I had to definately get online and tell ya'll what was up with me. Like i said the album is doin good. Just keep spreading the word. im on the way to bein platinum so once again i have to give a super hood thanks to everyone on the J. holiday team.

By the way i know it's late but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
It's a new year so haters stop hatin cuz you aint doin nothin but hurting yourself. LOL fuckin dummies! Did i say that?!

Get your Duffle Bag Up!

Ronnie Johnson (Virgin/Capitol)

"Cherish Your Life"

You just might not see tom. So dont take life for granted enjoy each day and cherish each person in your life positive or negative.

Im out!

2008* Official J. Holiday Message