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Wednesday, January 09, 2008
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Michael Bivins talked to about being in the industry for 25 years [damn I feel old]. After taking off the past year from touring, the guys are set to work on a new album and a movie.
We’re working on the 25th Anniversary album, which could possibly be released fourth quarter of this year. We plan to release a TV special right before the album comes out. Then there’s the life story movie through BET films with Vantage/Paramount Pictures to be released in 2009. Lastly, we’ll have the 25th Anniversary tour around the time of the movie release.
I wonder who would play each member in a movie? You got to cool it noooow! Oooohh, watch out! Will Bobby stay out of trouble long enough to join them?

He also talks about the break down of the group, his take on the state of R&B and when he plans to retire. Read the rest here.