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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Spotted @ Love B. Scott

...let me count the ways. I love the fact that someone had way too much time on their hands to create this video of Celine Dion. [You have to say her name the way Kathy Griffin does for the full effect!]

I love me some Celine Dion, yes I do... No shame in it because her voice is beyond amazing. It's timeless and I am clearly not the only one who thinks that because she has sold over 100 million albums. Beyonce who? Britney who? Right.

But I too think she is a bit nutty, however I'll take it in return for her voice. Her new single "Taking Chances" and the album of the same name is great! Plus there is a song on there written by my boy The Dream, so you must pick it up!

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