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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

In a pre-New Years bash, Jay Z hosted the opening of his newest 40/40 club in Las Vegas. LeBron James took the opportunity to use the celeb-filled event to celebrate his birthday in fab-fashion.

The multi-level upscale sports bar and lounge features 85 plasma screen TVs. In addition to the main room, the new club also offers 5 exclusive VIP rooms. The interior consists of 24kt gold and platinum floors, as well as five, 40 foot bi-level bars throughout the club. The space will also include an additional 3,000 square foot bar and lounge area on the outdoor terrace.

Yessir, it's mighty fancy!

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Oh snap, Joe Jackson's eyebrows are MAC masterpieces!

Lebron's mother is so itty produce such a huge man!

Poor thing looks lost...

Vanessa is always serving the camera! Work mis thing!

It sure does look fabulous, honey! I guess my invite got lost in the mail...

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