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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Image Hosted by the TV-show inspired kind of way.

Ashanti says that she put out the previously posted version of her single "The Way That I Love You," to send a buzz out and see reactions, but says that a new video that premieres tomorrow is the official version.

The storyline was inspired by the Oxygen Channel's show "Snapped" about women that snap usually killing her husband...
"It's something completely different than anything I've ever done before," Ashanti said of the video. "We're kind of basing the concept on a show called 'Snapped,' which is on the Oh! channel. It's about women who have gotten pushed to the [point] where they feel, I guess, [that it's] necessary to murder their husbands, boyfriends, what have you. It's actually a documentary like [Tru] TV's 'Forensic Files,' but this one is only for women; when women snap they do crazy things. So being that the record is so dramatic and so painful and emotional, I think that the concepts just married each other and it was amazing. The director, Kevin Bray, just brought different twists and different angles out of it, and it was a great thing."