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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
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I thought I was done with the Grammys, but people really want the drama to continue...

The new buzz this that Jay Z and Rihanna had a heated argument at the Entertainment Weekly after party, some spies saying she was spotted crying.

There are a number of stories going around that Rihanna was pissy that Jay didn't speak to her and her rumored boo, Chris Brown when he and Beyonce arrived, so she went to read him the riot act. Then, some say Jay Z was none-to-pleased that she was canoodling with Breezy in the party or that he was reading her the riot act for "embarrassing" him with the hugs at the Grammys.

The above questionable pic of Jay and Ri Ri, it's just a millisecond in time so I wouldn't base anything in that...Nonetheless, I must to post the juicy stuff.

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