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Detroit Mayor, in the midst of yet another political sex scandal, was hit with a number of charges stemming from the whistle-blowing trail that not only cost Detroit millions but also outed the mayor and his Chief of Staff, Christine Beatty's affair through hot and steamy sexually explicit texts on state issued phones [yeah, just stupid].

Both vehemently denied the affair under oath, and both have been charged with perjury.
Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy also charged the popular yet polarizing 37-year-old mayor with obstruction of justice and misconduct in office. Kilpatrick, who was to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon, could face up to 15 years in prison and be expelled from office if convicted.

“Some have suggested that the issues in this case are personal or private,” Worthy said. “Our investigation has clearly shown that public dollars were used, people’s lives were ruined, the justice system severely mocked and the public trust trampled on. ... This case is about as far from being a private matter as one can get.” via MSNBC
When will these people learn?! How do you turn on the cops that helped you hide your affair. That's just stupid!

Mayor Kilpatrick says that he expects to be exonerated...and I expect him to be out of office within the year.