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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
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Drama has popped off with the Queen of Drama herself, Wendy Williams and her talent producer, Nicole Spence, according to the NY Post. After what Nicole reports as sexual harassment by Wendy’s younger husband/manager Kevin Hunter and that he beat Wendy in and around the station WBLS, she file paper with the EEO Commission in New York yesterday. [Can we get a Wendy Williams sound effect…DUM DUM DUM].
"Mr. Hunter repeatedly sexually propositioned me at work in the most crude and vulgar ways, telling me over and over that he wanted to 'f- - -' me," Spence charges.
"I also feared Mr. Hunter because he repeatedly physically assaulted Ms. Williams at or near the WBLS studio," Spence says in the complaint.

"In one instance, Mr. Hunter stormed into the studio, demanded that other employees leave and openly physically abused Ms. Williams, pinning her against the wall with his hand around her neck, choking her while repeatedly pounding his fist into the wall directly by her head."

Asked about Spence's complaint, Williams yesterday told The Post, "Her allegations are totally false. This bitch is out of her mind."

The allegations are "so far from the truth. It's insane," Hunter said.
I can’t imagine what her show will be like today, but I am sure the ratings will skyrocket! I surely wouldn’t put it past Kevin, something in that milk surely isn’t clean. It always seemed a bit suspect to me, the way Wendy talks about him and their relationship. So I don’t know, but it’s very salacious if you ask me. If the physical abuse is true, I hope more staff out him, domestic violence is just not cute at all.

UPDATE: TMZ has posted the official filings and you can view them HERE! Plus see what Wendy had to say about domestic violence in a recent interview with after the jump...