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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A news reporter was attacked in South Carolina by the family of an accused murder's family...It's not funny, but it is...
Members of the victim's family attacked WSPA reporter Charmayne Brown.

Brown and her photographer, Ti Barnes, were across the street from the victim's house Tuesday when family members began yelling at them to leave. Brown says they were also yelling racial slurs at her and Barnes. Before she knew it, one of the women in the group rushed at Brown, punched her and dragged her to the ground.

Brown says at that point, it's hard for her to recall what was going on. But a photographer from another TV station caught the chaos on camera. WSPA's Satellite truck operator also saw the woman punching Brown and called 911.

Brown says at least two other people joined in on the attack. "I just had to try to defend myself. People were coming from everywhere. It was an uneasy situation for the both of us, trying to fight off a mob attacking us." [SOURCE]
I'm trippin' on how the dude is not trying to really help the reporter, he laughing...