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Monday, March 10, 2008
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So the best show on television is over, done, finito. *tear*

So much to wrap up in so little time, only an hour and 35 minutes! Did you expect what happened?


See my comments after the jump and tell me what you thought of the finale?

So, here are my thoughts on the finale.

Who would have thought Marlo would get off completely? In the preview, you saw that he was on the streets, but I didn’t think he would walk after all that dope.

I can’t believe Daniels was Commissioner for 2 days! Is it just me, or does his ex-wife always seem so much older than him? But good for him, he stood up for keeping those stats clean. But now you get Valchek, which makes Council President Narese Campbell happy! She is a dirty dirty chick.

Carcetti becomes Governor? Lord bless Maryland!

Bubbles finally gets it right, but Dukie is the new baby Bubbles. Ol’ Prezbo finally got the hang of it though. I wanted Dukie to make it out.

Michael is the new baby Omar, and delivers the best line of the whole night.
Old Man – “You just a boy.” Michael – “And that’s just your knee!” LMAO!

The notebook was empty! One lie to cover the next lie to cover the next, on some real Stephen Glass/Jayson Blair ish.

Damn the Cheese, always running his mouth…

Marlo just couldn’t leave those streets alone, had to take that corner back, but Slim gets the connect, he’ll run the streets, but he’ll get knocked off eventually. No one runs the corners long before getting caught or killed.

What happened to Avon? I just knew I saw a clip with him in it! He should be getting back on those streets soon enough. When he does, I think he’ll be like Marlo and won’t be able to leave those streets alone.

Freamon, still with the stripper, still making little wooden furniture, but never gets to follow the paper trail. Freamon was the best thing to happen to Baltimore PD.

Kima, I can’t believe she told McNulty and Freamon, it was her who snitched. *SMH* That was bold!

Bunk is still Bunk, now he should have his own show!

RIP Omar, Prop Joe, Snoop, D’Angelo, Stringer, Bodie, and Butchie…

I think it ended okay, the last 5 minute montage, told me more than the first hour and 30 minutes, but it tied up lots of strings.

One thing I love about The Wire is that they keep it real. You will get killed, no matter if people love you or not. No happy ending here, just more vicious cycles. Dukie had to become a crackhead and Michael had to become a little criminal. But Namond made it, thank goodness, away from that nut of a mother.

It really is the best show on television… Seasons 1, 3 and 4 were the best by far. This season went by pretty fast, but I didn’t like the paper storyline.