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Thursday, April 10, 2008
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US Weekly claims to have even more insider dish on the wedding of 2008 between Beyonce and Jay Z. I am sure it's a lot unnamed sources but ya'll know it's the best we'll get since everyone under the gag order.

In other Beyonce news, sister Solange was still playing dumb with while promoting her upcoming album, they did get some sound bites on her potential mothering skills:
"Whenever Beyoncé decides to have a child, I definitely think she'll be banging on my door," younger sister Solange Knowles tells PEOPLE.

In fact, when it comes to kids, Solange – single mom to 3-year-old Daniel Julez – claims Beyoncé has a lot to learn.

"She's kept my son over the weekend," says the 21 year-old singer and actress. "She'll call me like, 'How do you get this stroller out? And what about the car seat? I don't know how you do this!' And I'm like, 'People do it every day.' "
On marriage, that's clearly not her area of expertise:
"I got married at 17 and divorced at 20," she says. "So I don't know if anyone would look to me for advice about that!"

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