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Thursday, April 10, 2008
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Oh the monstrosities, so little time...Apparently today was the day that hair revolted and did what every the hell it wanted. Let's start with the top, Eva Diva looking like Rabbit from 8 Mile. As I was perusing my daily sites, I ran across the above wig catalog shot on A Hot Mess and this truly is a hot dreaded MESS! If you feel the need to tap into your inner Rastafarian, you can pick up the "Rasha" for a mere $69.99!

Now, Da Brat debut a new punk rock wigtastic look at the ASPCA Pop Award in L.A. last night. How does your wig look greasy? I vote no on this, I mean I know Hurricane Chris swagger jacked your steelo, but don't cave into the pressure. The rubber band industry needs you!

Lastly, Mother Combs brought out her Mary J. Blige blond edition to the 2008 Dress for Success Worldwide Gala in NYC with her son Diddy. Some things never change.

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