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Muhammad Ali held his annual Celebrity Fight Night XIV event in Phoenix on Friday night which brought out many stars including a extra fly Whitney Houston and an unexpected Shaquille O'Neal with [soon-to-be-ex] wife Shaunie. Could this be reconciliation? Interesting indeed.

Everyone was raving over Whitney and her return to the spotlighte. "Whitney Houston is back! I'm thrilled that she's in the studio and working on her new album," Dionne Warwick said of her niece to "No doubt she's overcoming everything that has been put in front of her even this week." [You know how Bobby Brown said she led him the pipe and everything.]

"She was just in the studio this week working on a song called 'Nothing But Love' when she heard of all this mess in the papers," Clive Davis added. "I'm sure that this week has been traumatic but she's committed and looking forward to her new life."

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