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Thursday, May 22, 2008
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I ♥ Bey-Z backstage @ Madison Square Garden

First let me preface this by saying don't take this as gospel, but the following quote is said to have come from UK's Look Magazine [never heard of it] from Beyonce giving a psuedo confirmation of her marriage to Jay Z:
"I don't deny it (the wedding). I just don't talk about it. We've never talked about us and it's kind of protected our relationship. I think it's kept us out of tabloid drama.

"A lot of actresses that have had successful relationships don't talk about them, so neither do I." [SOURCE]
Nothing has come directly from Look, which is like a British celebrity rag...I just can't see her giving them the first official quote. Just saying.

We already know they are married though, so whatev...

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