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Friday, June 06, 2008
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As if we could believe half the ish the professional industry hoe says...However, according to, she sent Perez a text claiming Darius McCary [always Eddie Winslow] tried to kill her ass. Could it be woke up with a burning sensation and realized he married [if they actually did get hitched] the biggest hoe on the block?
"It's Karrine. U have to help me. My boyfriend just tried to run over me with his car. [I] Just made a police report. In August, he placed me in a choke hold at a strip club on my birthday. There's a report and photos of that. There was another choking I never reported but is now being investigated. I lied to the city attny to save his ass but I'm DONE. He'll kill me if I go on with this. YES…Eddie Winslow from Family Matters! I have to give you this story. Pls!"
Now, she does have a book to promote and still on the hook for 2 more with her book deal and you know what they say...Any publicity is good publicity.

UPDATE: According to B. Scott, Karrine was the one acting a donkey, causing a raukus, and Darius had to file a police report on her. Hmmm...sounds like more drama than I need.